3417023903_e0d4a9e612 Robert Reich, former U.S. secretary of labor and professor of public policy extraordinaire, is clearly jonesing for another prestigious title: the king of comedy. Yes, you read that correctly. Reich gave a talk in Chicago at Northwestern’s law school about the economy and miracle of miracles, he managed to keep it light.

While acknowledging the soaring unemployment (which hit 10.2 percent by some estimates on that same Friday), he kept it breezy. Case in point: “‘As you can see, the economy has worn me down. A year and a half ago, I was 6-foot-2.’”

This barrel of laughs wasn’t just jokey, either—he was informative. Reich had time between guffaws to advocate his own ideas for economy fixing: a single-payer healthcare system and a new government jobs program.

He also clearly wants his own sitcom, with lines like these: “‘An economist is somebody who didn’t have the personality to become an accountant.’” Oh, snap. He added: “‘How many people did I just insult?’”

No worries, Reich. We like our grim economic news with a little sugar. We only wish your badassery would extend to other economists. Especially those wet blankets over at the Federal Reserve.

Image source: Policy Network under Creative Commons
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