Cal baseball team

Besides that crazy announcement that Cal baseball was being cut and that he would soon be out of a job, this past year has been pretty damn good for baseball coach David Esquer.

Coach Esquer — who was heavily involved in Cal baseball’s reinstatement, led the Bears to their first College World Series victory in 31 years and was named the National Coach of the Year — has now agreed to a five-year contract extension, which we hear is much, much better than having to file for unemployment.

Image Source: sponselli under Creative Commons
David Esquer agrees to new contract [espn]

4448701927_6f9a633927Back in September, the heads of our outstanding institution of higher learning brilliantly decided to demote our varsity rugby team, which has won an astounding 26 national championships BTW, to club status while completely eliminating our baseball team — that same baseball team that isn’t doing too bad these days either, as you might have heard.

As if that isn’t enough to make those folks who cut these successful programs feel a little silly, Cal baseball coach David Esquer was just named National Coach of the Year.

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