crazy yogurtland dealsss

College students are hungry. They are also very likely on a budget. Put in a pinch of local restaurants trying out some marketing strategies and VOILA, a symbiotic relationship is born. Take Monday afternoon for example. It was a blustery and chilly time of day when classes were beginning to wind down for the evening. Pedestrians trying to walk down Bancroft Avenue were met with a swarm of chatty students congregated in a messy line in front of Yogurtland. A couple eavesdropped conversations later, it was ascertained that they were giving out free yogurt. One day only!

Those words just seem to stick in people’s minds, for good reason too! After all, how could you decline free food? And one day only? Missing it could be a crime! It’s a foolproof plan, especially when the froyo business around here is highly competitive. Yogurtland puts on a similar deal every semester, which gets hungry students through their doors … and overflowing out onto the sidewalks.

This pedestrian traffic issue was a bit of an annoyance for many. Somber students finally getting off class just ecstatic to finally go home and take it easy had to fight the froyo mob tooth and nail. Well, we do enjoy a hyperbole, but the line — if you could call it that — of froyo patrons did prove to be an nuisance. Yogurtland was happy: they were giving out free yogurt out of the goodness of their own heart (and future business). The customers were happy: they were getting free yogurt! A frozen meal on a freezing day. But hey, we all make concessions for free food. But do you know whose happiness was left out of that equation? Those poor innocent pedestrians!

Free food deals don’t exist in a vacuum, Yogurtland. THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS.

(A note: we wish there was a font for silly sarcasm, it would be entirely appropriate here. Don’t take this the wrong way Yogurtland, we still love you.)

Image source: Hailey Simpson, The Daily Californian

“Science rules” (name that reference!), and for a day, it’s free at the California Academy of Sciences!

The local science center, located just a quick Bart or bus ride away in Golden Gate Park, is offering free admission on Sunday, December 9th (normally $29.95 for adults) as as a part of a quarterly effort to appeal to a wider demographic of people looking for some free science-y fun but couldn’t attend their previous Wednesday free days.

The center is an expansive bed of science and imagination perfect for anyone with at least a spark of science interest, housing an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, rain forest, live animals, and so much more. Plus … it’s all under a living roof!  What to know what that could possibly be? You’ll have to visit to find out Wink-wink.

Here is a sampling of some of the cool sites CAS has to offer:
California academy of sciences

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences read more »

Bubble Tea
UCafe, the fairly new coffee/tea/Asian bakery locale located on the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch, is having an unbelievably deal-packed week. They call it: Drink Week!

Here’s the sitch:

All this week until Saturday, they are offering a new “drink of the day,” which is 20% off from 9:30 till 4:30, and then the drink becomes FREE. 4:30 is really when the party starts, as they offer cute pastries to those who hang out inside to claim their free beverages. Check out pictures from Day 1 of the happening — the line was out the door!

But that’s not all! From 9:30 till 2, all espresso drinks and tea lattes are 20% off. And to add to all this greatness, all coffee is fair-trade certified. How can it get any better than this? A smart marketing plan on their parts, if we do say so ourselves.

The scheduled “drinks of the day”:

11/6: Peach Strawberry Smoothie

11/7: Honey Lemon Aloe Green Tea

11/8: Rose Black Tea Latte

11/9: Genmaicha Green Tea Late

11/10: U Cafe Au Lait

Do yourself a favor this midterm season and tea party it up! And don’t forget to like UCafe’s Facebook page to keep up to date on any future deals.

Image source: Theen … under Creative Commons.