The Clog tramped out to the Sproul steps in one of its daily checkups on the Occupy movement. We entered from inside Sproul, and nearly stumbled onto someone’s sleeping quarters.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing

As glamorous as protesting the status quo looks, the life of an Occupier – the actual part of camping out and living in the wide open – seems quite uncomfortable to us.

Here are some essential ingredients to occupying: read more »


Glance around. Do you see signs that the winter holiday is rapidly approaching? Because we sure do!

The Christmas season is great — don’t get us wrong, we love the little lights, the carols, the glittery ornaments, that scent of fresh pine — but it’s great after Thanksgiving. Halloween was a matter of days ago and Turkey Day is still a few weeks away. We can’t start singing “Frosty the Snowman” until after the pumpkin pies have been demolished and the leftover turkey sandwiches finished!

street fairBut take a little stroll down Telegraph Ave. and you’ll think that we’re days away from Santa’s annual visit. read more »

pumpkinIf you couldn’t tell already, we at the Clog are pretty stoked that October is here and that Halloween is finally on it’s way.

We’re looking for just about any excuse to fully immerse ourselves in the spirit of the season, and have come to the realization that there are probably a whole bunch of readers out there who share our penchant for all things ghoulish and spooky. Also for arts-and-crafts-style activities.

We want to see your jack-o-lanterns, your haunted houses, your giant spider web lawn decorations. read more »