Sushiiiiiit, that looks tasty.We’re feeling a little crabby because the above post title does no justice whatsoever to the awesomeness of the event to which it refers; however, we’ll admit it’s pretty accurate.

That’s because on Nov. 8, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on Upper Sproul Plaza, teams of Berkeley folk (students, faculty and otherwise) will be crafting the world’s largest California roll. As in the delicious, delicious, icon of America’s co-opting of other cultures. As in SUSHI. Not as in the vehicular moving violation.

The event is being sponsored by Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies (the department responsible for this and other seriously fab events) and Cal Dining, who will make sure rollers will have all the crab meat, avocado, rice and vineGarrrah! (apologies) that they’ll need to bring the record back to California. It now resides in Maui, apparently. And in 2001. read more »