2411318874_ecc236e5ee_mDon’t tell us that you can’t taste a difference. There is one.

Coke trumps Pepsi, any day of the week. Mountain Dew is an outrageous rip-off of Sprite, and Naked, while appreciated, simply will not match up to good ol’ Odwalla.
Last month, Coca-Cola’s contract with Cal expired, leaving poor Berkeley students to suffer with the travesty that is Pepsi.

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Longest california Sushi roll

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to scope out the Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board’s interview with UC Berkeley’s ever-chipper chancellor, Robert Birgeneau.

If not, the editorial and full transcript of the 90-minute chat are available online. If you’re searching for substantive discussion of the issues raised, this is probably not the place to find it, but we’ve compiled some of the most notable, most interesting and most head-scratch-inducing moments of the interview. read more »