Don’t get us wrong, Pixar knows how to make captivating movies despite the perpetual predictable happy ending. Brave centers around a princess (Disney has decided to be original), whose name was too complicated to remember and who doesn’t like her mom deciding her fate for her. The princess chooses to follow her own fate (literally, there are these apparitions that lead her to her fate) and in doing so makes the decision to change her mom. read more »

Friday, Feb. 17 was a special day for cinema as it was the opening day for the US theatrical release of Studio Ghibli’s new film, “The Secret World of Arrietty.” Of course, it was imperative for us at the Clog to catch a showing on opening day, with Totoro plushies in tow.

Based on the novel “The Borrowers” and its subsequent sequels by Mary Norton, the movie follows a young 14-year-old girl named Arrietty, who lives with her mother and father under the floorboards of an old, rural home owned by an elderly woman named Jessica. Arrietty and her parents are “borrowers” or little people (little enough in which mice are a threat) that “borrow” essentials from the home above such as food or tissue paper. On a venture through the house with her father, Arrietty is discovered by a young boy named Shawn, Jessica’s sickly nephew who arrives at the home for a quiet retreat. Arrietty and Shawn soon form a friendship and of course, like all forbidden relationships, tribulations follow. read more »

As evidence that the stars are aligned quite nicely, the Clog has received its second opportunity in a week to post a clip from a Disney film. How exciting!

Since we’re very much aware of the difficulty for young folks to voluntarily attend a classical music concert, we’ve decided to help out our friends at the UC Berkeley Summer Symphony by promoting their concert with a Disney clip of one of the pieces they’ll be imminently performing.

Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” — heard in the classic film “Fantasia” during Chernabog’s scene atop Bald Mountain — is our personal favorite in a concert that includes read more »

Once upon a time, in a land across the bay, a museum was built to honor Disney’s name.

Our first reaction to a Walt Disney Family Museum being built in the Presidio was, “Why San Francisco?” But in fact, that puts it right at the heart of the animation world, with “Lucasfilm Ltd. to the north and Pixar to the east.”

The museum will open Oct. 1 in read more »