You know that satisfying “THWAP” sound when you smack down a hard copy of your term paper on top of a large pile of other (inferior) term papers on the day it’s due? I think we can all agree that it’s a cathartic moment. Sometimes it even moves us to tears. MLA style tears.

Imagine that feeling times (literally) 300 when some of your GSIs congregate in front of the degrees office this Friday and hand over 2 arduously printed copies of the dissertation they’ve been slaving over much longer than they’d care to admit. (That is, when they’re not busy wrangling bratty undergrads.) Best treasure that “THWAP” while you still can, grad students, because this semester marks the end of paper dissertations at Berkeley.

Sure, this initiative may be greener than your Great Uncle McHoolahan on St. Patrick’s day (it is estimated to save roughly half a million pages of paper per year), but will online publishing serve as an engraved invitation to plagiarizers everywhere?

Image Source: Chnrdu under Creative Commons
Paper is out, digital is in, when it comes to dissertations [News Center]

No Dissertation from ticoneva on Vimeo.

In what is just the latest in a series of unconventional educational videos, it seems some graduate students have created several economics videos, which include singing, Berkeley landmarks and statistical analysis.

What could possibly go wrong?
Apparently the videos have been used in some actual classes, and are a “a much-anticipated staple of the department’s annual spring skit.”

Who knows, maybe they’ll even help you through your econ homework.

Metrics Videos [Vimeo]
Money rocks (and raps) in economics’ grad students videos [Newscenter]