4095665898_1c1806d25c_bFinancial Aid seminars? Not hipster. Enthusiastic people? Not hipster. Science? Not hipster. Dr. Dog? Not … Wait, Hipster!

We were feeling left out. We, the hipsters, are a big part of the Cal community, and yet on the day devoted to Cal and all of its glory, we were beginning to feel a little under-represented. But, the Cal Day concert is our time to show those incoming freshman that Cal is, and always will be, a hipster haven. Adding to the list of indie bands that have played on the steps of the library on this, the greatest of days, Dr. Dog will be presenting their scrappy, country, Philly feel to the people of the glade tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., for free! They will be following in the footsteps of such cutting edge bands as The Cold War Kids and The Dodos.

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Nothing is more representative of the college experience than eight-hour study sessions in main stacks. Fortunately, while the library may currently inspire more ire than affection with the final rush of midterms before spring break, Doe Library will be having an open house on Wednesday, March 21 in celebration of its centennial (1912-2012) that will actually make the library experience fun. read more »

Closed for business... forever

No, no, don’t worry, you can’t get rid of us that easily. The Library Bookstore, however, is far more mortal than The Daily Clog. Wait — what? Another bookstore is closing? We sarcastically find this news impossible to believe.

Sadly, it appears that the Library Bookstore will soon become the latest victim in an alarmingly long list of bookstore closings in the Bay Area. Because of school budget cuts that have forced a library-wide hiring freeze and the retirement of Frank Carothers, the bookstore manager for almost 30 years, the business will forever close its doors on Thursday, June 30.

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Since it’s Veteran’s Day, and that means a day off for all UCB students, we’re assuming you’re … well, we don’t mean to badger you but you and your conscience know that you should probably be studying. Since the Stacks are closed today, we suggest you go study in Doe. Why Doe specifically? Well, we don’t appreciate the questioning, but since you asked, Doe happens to be one of the most beautiful college libraries in the nation.

Yeah, go ahead and check out that pretty amazing slideshow of biblio beauty. And Berkeley is lucky number seven. Also, we feel petty in mentioning this, but Stanford didn’t crack the top ten. (And it feels good to say it.) Actually, we’re not even sure there’s a clear-cut numbering system, but that won’t quash our glee.

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Since you are a Berkeley college student, we’re hoping the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, we’re hoping the answer is a yes so enthusiastic that it breaks all existing library silence rules. (But seriously, if you’re in the library, SHH.  Have a little respect.) And since you’re so excited, we’re excited to tell you that there will be two homecoming book sales at the Library Bookstore (132 Doe) and Bookstore Annex (303 Doe) this Saturday, Oct. 9 from 10:30 a.m.-2:45.

According to the event calendar, the Library Bookstore sale (132 Doe) with be full of “its usual stock of mostly interesting and sometimes very odd books.” OK, we like odd, and we’ll take our chances on the interesting bit. What else ya got?

Well not to be outdone, the Bookstore Annex will have “thousands of books for $1 each lining the walls, the tables, and maybe even the chairs.”

Boy do those librarians know how to tease.

Image source: jlz under Creative Commons
Book sales Oct. 9 [UC Berkeley Library]


Damn, it would have been real pathetic to see Doe and Moffitt libraries empty during the wee morning hours of finals week – no procrastinators, amphetamine jockeys or Berkeley students studious enough to earn those sterile depths the reverence they deserve. Rocked by this awful thought, some generous parents came through where the state of California could not, throwing down hella bank to keep those caverns (and the Free Speech Movement Cafe) open when they’re needed most. Clutch, Mr. & Mrs. Steiny. read more »

What’s this? What’s this? There’s something on the steps of Doe Library! Berkeley apparently demands … a shrubbery! (Ni! Ni!) Oh, and the university also demands some canopies with chandeliers. Because we’re just that awesome. read more »

“Project Runway” ended its season this past Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean your fashion interests have to be put on pause. Today Doe Library opens up its exhibit exploring the history of fads and duds at UC Berkeley.

Titled “From Plugs to Bling: A Century of Cal Student Fashion,” the exhibit contains a total of 12 display cases and about 100 items. Some of the items–such as the battered plugs–are almost 100 years old.

Head over to the library if you’re feeling like rubbing elbows with Robert Gordon Sproul’s hat, which bears the words “Oski Wow Wow Whiskey Wee Wee,” among other doodads. Maybe you’ll even get some of that university presidential magic yourself … and all for free.

A century of Cal student fashion to be displayed [NewsCenter]
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