To make up for our recent dearth of Chu, we bring you even more Chu news! Watch this video to learn stuff and fix the American auto industry:

The Secretary of Energy posted it to his Facebook earlier today, so, y’know. We couldn’t not watch it. (Oh, and for the record his celebrity doppelganger is Steven Chu! God, he is so clever and ironic.)

Secretary Chu Speaks at the 2010 Washginton Auto Show [YouTube]
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Life lessons learned last night at Story Hour with Annie Barrows, acclaimed author of “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society:”

-If you’re frostbitten and stranded at the Guernsey airport for 36 hours, stick your head under the men’s bathroom hand drier. Don’t even bother with the women’s.

-If you think you have a bummer job, imagine being a member of the Vermin Exterminator’s Trade Union in London. 1945. Marching down the street screaming, read more »


This Thursday will mark the second reading in this year’s Story Hour series in Doe Library. From the looks of the schedule, they are monthly. Last month, the Clog’s own Valerie Woolard met Daniel Handler (nee Lemony Snicket–er, was it the other way around?) at the first Story Hour, and he wrote her the above note. Which is awesome. So awesome that we’re only talking about it so we could justify using the picture again.

This week, you can meet (and perhaps garner an awesome autograph note from) author Annie Barrows, who’s written read more »

Up through the end of finals, the staffs of the Doe and Moffitt Libraries will be on full alert for expected increases in the smuggling of foodstuffs. Students living in libraries for the last week have had to act surreptitiously to remain well-nourished.

Library staffs have been regularly patrolling these study areas with garbage bags and confiscating everything edible. These patrolmen and women are so confident in their ability to spot even a crumb that they boldly announce their presence in hideous bright lime t-shirts. Apparently, having any sort of fashion sense is not a prerequisite for being a library administrator.
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