Of everyone in this picture, only 1% of these people have a new tv; Patrick Long (Left)

Of everyone in this picture, only 1 percent of these people have a new TV; Patrick Long (Left)

If you couldn’t tell from the lack of people at KIPS on Friday or the emanating body odor and smoke from the fourth floor of MLK, there was a poker tournament. Phi Beta Lambda, or like every other business club is known as, “Haas Hopefuls” society, threw their semi-annual poker tournament on March 2, attracting the young and old, people of all ethnicities and varying degrees of shadiness.

6:00 p.m – The poker tournament commences. The night begins with casual socializing and awkward exchanges between people who’d rather tear each other’s hand off than shake it. Tables are set, players take their seats, the silence and air is tense and heated – one could already tell it’d be awkward if someone farted. read more »

Well, not really. So the Contra Costa Times reports that Morrison library will revive the Graphic Arts Loan Collection circulation program for the fall semester, a classy name for a collection that will let students check out signed copies of original works of art for all the glory of being used as dorm posters.

Sounds crazy, huh? Crazy awesome, maybe. Forget that life-sized poster of Samuel L. Jackson you see every time you wake up–now you can say good morning to the impossibilities of Escher, or the landscapes of Rembrandt or the … doodles of Miro. read more »