From the very first day you met your roommate(s), you’ve probably beenWhy Your Roommate Is A Hermit Crab engaged in a never-ending battle for space. There just isn’t that much space to go around in that cramped room that doubles as a work space and a home media center, especially when you’ve got one or two other people to share it with.

There are always those subtle signs – when your roommate narrows his or her eyes when you cross over to the fridge that happens to be on their side of the room, or when you walk in on your roommate measuring the length of the room and making sure they’re not being cheated of any space. When a fleck of dust crosses the invisible line and it draws a small scream of anguish, it’s probably indicative of your roommate’s transformation into a hermit crab.

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Currently sophomores, we used to live in a ski lodge cozy Northside dorm known as Foothill.

We never understood the rationale behind the name. As any Foothill resident or ex-resident knows, Foothill is certainly not at the foot of any hill. Ironically, Foothill is notorious for being more towards the top of a hill, a fortress you can only breach by taking a series of treacherously long staircases. We can’t count how many times we’ve tripped up, down, and all around those cursed steps.


In Berkeley lore, Foothill is “that Northside dorm” few Southside residents ever venture to, no matter how tempting Foothill’s Late Night steak may be. Foothill is also known as the home of reclusive future engineers. From our experience as residents, however, we found that Foothill had plenty of variation in engineering personalities, as well as in intensity of social life, that differed from floor to floor, building to building, and suite to suite.

Luckily for us, we ended up in a suite where most of us got along pretty well. In fact, we currently live in the same apartment with some of our suitemates, now close friends. Although we live close by, we don’t see these suitemates nearly as often as we once did back at the dorms—which brings us to the difference in social life between apartments versus dorms: read more »

Grizzly Bear

It’s 3:30 a.m. You should be blissfully asleep. Instead you’re wide eyed awake because of the snoring coming from the bear that is inside your roommate. You’re pretty sure that every time your roommate inhales the whole building rattles. read more »