petitionA rare turn of events suggests that taking initiative does indeed get things done (depending on your perspective.) At least such is the case for the anti Downtown Berkeley development folks. In the face of … uncalculated odds and alleged harassment by pro-Downtowners, the Alliance for a Green and Livable Downtown managed to round up more than enough signatures to shoot down the City Council’s official plan. Back to the drawing board, guys.

Five thousand five hundred fifty-eight signatures in 30 days were needed to halt the plan for revision or a public vote yea or nay, and around 9,200 signatures were gathered—more than enough to account for invalid signatures and possibly the most ever gathered by a petition in Berkeley. Woah! That’s over 9000. “Green and Livable” must have quite a ring.

Editor’s Note: As a clarification, the purpose of the petition was to place the current Downtown Area Plan on a ballot, not to dismiss it altogether.

Image Source: mrtwism under Creative Commons.
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