The Clog can’t help but feel unnerved by the increased frequency and timing of tragedy surrounding our campus these past few weeks. Unfortunately, we must bring news of yet another one. Saturday morning, anthropology senior Alan Hamai–who attended his department’s graduation exercises on Friday–was found dead outside his Durant Place home just a few days after a non-Berkeley student, Maceo Smith, was shot to death near the Durant Avenue Top Dog.

Hamai appears to have fallen from his roof. Police have yet to confirm whether it was accidental, but they do believe that alcohol may be related.

We send our condolences to Hamai’s family and friends.

Image Source: alumroot under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Student Found Dead After Fall [Daily Cal]

While hundreds of soon-to-be Berkeley grads primped themselves for yesterday afternoon’s Commencement Convocation at the Greek Theatre, the Berkeley tragedy rate went up, again.

Durant Avenue was closed all night yesterday after two people were shot–one, fatally–near the popular hot dog joint, Top Dog. The shooting happened in broad daylight at around 3:44 p.m. and prompted one of the victim’s alleged family members to ask, “Is this Oakland or is this Berkeley?” [Daily Cal, Mercury News]

A takeover-style robbery hit Berkeley’s Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union on Ashby Avenue Tuesday afternoon. The robbers’ car was later spotted in Oakland. Four men were arrested, and $6000 recovered. [Mercury News]

Berkeley City College mourns the loss of 20-year-old student, Billy Carrigan. He was driving his truck at high speeds on Sunday evening near Chester, California when he reached a sharp curve and lost control of his vehicle, which flew into an embankment of pine trees. He died in the hospital Tuesday morning. Carrigan was presumably rushing home after his sister and her boyfriend were found dead the night of their prom. [SF Chronicle]

Have you been to Southside lately? An empty building on Durant Avenue–previously known as La Val’s, Tower Records, Noura Cafe and “that empty building next to House of Curries,”– is about to formulate yet another new identity.

It’s about time. According to a March Daily Cal article, the space was vacant for the past two years. Now, it’s suddenly gone and painted itself yellow and red to house what sounds like another Asian Ghetto–one that includes a new sushi joint by the name of Sushi Minami.

And what’s that–does that sign say “TOUCH Karaoke?” That’s right–it looks like a newer, closer place for you to belt out your Mariah Carey-isms is set to open soon on a Durant Avenue near you.

Image Source: Patrici Flores
Japanese Restaurant to Open At Former Noura Cafe Location [Daily Cal]