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And just when we thought cultivating MJ would be a lucrative business … Berkeley resident Huy Trinh is sentenced to 15 years in prison for being the Chief Executive Grower of two East Bay locations. read more »

THIS COULD BE YOU!Then get on BART! Destination: fame and glory. Who needs Playboy when you can be the freshest new face of the one, the only, Bay Area Rapid Transit? That’s right, no one. No one needs Playboy. Because everybody loves BART. And wants to be on TV.

So if you’re looking to jump-start your acting career with a fabulous (unpaid) gig, submit a photo or short video of your sexy BART-riding, East Bay-dwelling mug by April 30.

Image Source: Steve Rhodes under Creative Commons
Casting call: riders wanted to star in BART ads! [SFBART's blog], via Eye on Blogs


Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* “This is UC Berkeley–and that’s how it should be!” [YouTube]

* “Get a life & do real journalism.” [Twitter]

* “He’s a Scottish terrier on California’s Oski bear.” [emailed from CalSERVE]

* “‘(E)ast bay’ is pig-Latin for beast, which means the East Bay is kinda named Satan.” [SF Appeal]

* “Stop! I’m the bridge troll.” [YouTube]

Image Source: Christine Borden
Earlier: Ix-nay on the Ecall-ray

In response to a bloody weekend in the Bay, Jesse Jackson will fly in to attend an anti-violence rally on Sunday. Apparently, Jesse’s coming under the assumption that the region has become a war zone. Ouch.

You know your metro area has been experiencing some problems when J-Jack comes a-knockin’. After all, the dude’s negotiated hostage releases in war-torn nations around the globe.

Though we fear what his arrival indicates, Jesse’s presence makes the Clog feel somewhat safer (can Bearwalk possibly hire him?). Not that we have that much to fear in our immediate vicinity. Berkeley was spared by the crime wave, while San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond and North Richmond (a bizarre unincorporated mysteryville) bore the brunt. It remains to be seen whether Oakland can rebound from a violent 2006, which the Chron delicately referred to as “Oakland: A Plague of Killing.”

We at the Clog are still waiting for the Chron to do a “Berkeley: A Plague of Burnt-out Hippies” spread. We’d even settle for a “Berkeley: A Plague of Horrible College Basketball” feature.

But we apologize for kidding around. This is obviously a profoundly heartbreaking issue. Kudos to the San Francisco Chronicle. The paper did a brilliant job covering the oft-ignored impact of Oakland’s murder troubles. And they did it with an innovative multimedia project.

Actually, the word “covering” doesn’t do justice to what this is. Skipping around the slideshows, maps and audio clips can make even the most oblivious of Berkeley students feel the force of a stranger’s death.

Well, actually there’s no way for most of us to fathom the pain of a loved one killed. But at least this project clues you into how unfathomable that pain is. No matter who you are, you’re one mother’s podcast away from caring more than you ever knew you could.

Here’s to hoping Oaktown and the rest of the Bay can pull it together and have a safer summer.

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