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It’s Sunday, everyone. Many of us are likely hung over. Some of us might be pulling all nighters for midterms. Others might be on the way home from San Francisco; a walk of shame in progress. But either way, it’s morning and we’re all hungry. And that can only mean one thing: BRUNCH. Brunch seems to be Berkeley’s specialty. There are endless options, and even the seniors here at the Clog are finding new places to eat every day. Today, however, we’re going to focus on some of Berkeley’s brunch basics, featuring some of the cheapest and most accessible late morning eats that the East Bay has to offer. read more »

0916101137We love waffles. Actually we like most things that can be respectably be covered with whipped cream and Nutella. And after a stint in a region where such treats were much more ubiquitous, we were starting to get cravings.

Enter Sfoof’s Woofle Cafe, the latest tenant in one of the many seemingly haunted storefronts on Bancroft Ave. east of the intersection with Telegraph Ave. It may have once been a joke shop. Or a candy shop. Or neither.

The point is that now it serves woofles, read more »