Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 4.21.09 PMWith the end of the semester rapidly approaching, the Clog knows what that means: empty wallets and Ramen noodle filled days. But, no fear, here is one way to get some quick cash…eBay! Whether its selling your old clothes, text books, or your soul — if you’re really desperate — eBay is a great platform to rake in some extra dough. Here’s why:

It’s is an international website, and serves many countries all over the world. Buyers and sellers use this platform to communicate with one another, and most importantly, to buy and sell goods from and to one another. It can be a great tool if you want to clean out your closet or tidy up your dorm room by unloading a bunch of semester-old textbooks or out-of-season clothes. Cashing in on the resale of those expensive books can be a much more economically feasible option than trekking to the campus bookstore where you can expect to receive pennies on the dollar for that pricey textbook.

Buyers and sellers exchange feedback with one another through eBay, in an attempt to keep the platform fair and honest, and so that both buyers and sellers know what they are in store for if they endeavor to conduct business with each other. Every time you complete a transaction, whether you are the purchaser or the purchasee, you are allowed to rate your experience. As a buyer, you are allowed to rate your experience based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars in four categories. These categories are: the fairness of the shipping price, the time it took for you to receive your item, the accuracy with which the item was described insofar as matching its true condition, and the level of communication between the seller and you.

As a seller, you typically can only rate a buyer as “good” if they pay; negative feedback rarely is given because a seller must report a problem with a buyer to eBay. Negative feedback on the buyer’s end is recorded onto the buyer’s record and can affect the ease with which they can transact purchases in the future.

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HOSTESSEveryone knows about Twinkies. We’ve all eaten at least one in our lifetime. Really, there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t vividly remember how we totally regretted eating one the last time we ate one.  Truly, this famous and iconic childhood snack made by none other than Hostess Brand, Inc. holds a lot of distinct nostalgic memories for all of us. However, you’ll be shocked to know that Twinkies and every other Hostess branded product you can think of is on its way towards disappearing from store shelves. That’s because Hostess Brand, Inc. has recently decided to close its doors for good.

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With tuition, housing, food, and overpriced movie tickets to pay for, we all consider ourselves poor college students. Every timeHow To - Be A Cheap Student we open our wallets, we’re faced with a gaping black hole – and we know better than to put any money in there since it’ll just get sucked back up. And unfortunately, we don’t have a source of unearned income like we did back home with the family. So how do you get around all of this?

Take advantage of those meal points! Since you studious people are in class for most of the day, chances are that you skip a few meals during the week. Under one of the regular meal plans, you can usually have two meals in the dining hall every day, so if you eat less than that, then you should have a few to spare every now and then. You may think that the Bear Market or the RSF’s refueling station are overpriced, but it’s a great way to stock up on snacks and other small items that you can bring to class and eat-on-the-go.

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