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We hadn’t seen Stoney Burke around for a while, but on Thursday he made what appeared to be some kind of comeback. At least, that’s what the unusual size of his crowd of onlookers (see above) seemed to indicate. Either that or there were suddenly a whole bunch of old-looking freshmen with a lot of time on their hands wandering past.

Whether or not he was actually absent or if we just hadn’t been walking past Dwinelle Plaza at the right time until Thursday, we’re not sure. But we are interested to see what he’ll have to say about this whole riot business this week, if he’s back again.

Image Source: Jill Cowan

Whether we love to hate them or just hate them, the permanent fixtures of our campus, the Berkeley eccentrics, like doilies, decorate and add character to our campus. These opinionated Berkeley favorites are here to illuminate their philosophies and answer your burning questions about Jesus, Yoshua, and Happy Happy Man’s real name. (It’s Ho, ho, ho, in case you’re wondering). This has been up for a while, but we just stumbled upon it recently.

Bezerkeley [YouTube]