Dead week: when the hours blur together and the sky darkens only 30 minutes after you wake up. With noHugging Puppies Brings Good Luck classes to go to except for those pesky occasional review sessions, there’s really no incentive to get out of your dorm or apartment – except for the basic human needs of food and slight exposure to sunlight to avoid becoming like Edward Cullen. To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation will be bringing some of Jacob’s little brothers to Berkeley for Pet Hugs!

All jokes aside, the ARF has been doing a fantastic job of keeping those adorable little werewolves – ahem, puppies – safe and sound, as well as training them to be therapy dogs! So why not take the long walk down the stairwell and into the open sunlight outside of Moffitt Library to see all of them! If it helps you to picture their faces, their names are Maddie, DeeDee, Koda-Bear, Quinn, Star, and Rudy, and they’re here to melt your stress away. Embrace your inner puppy and skip around with those fuzzy delights – and forget about that mountain of studying and stressing that awaits you upon the conclusion of Pet Hugs.

You can come out and see them when the Campanile strikes noon on both Tuesday and Wednesday of Dead Week! Watch out for those ominous clouds that foreshadow Finals doom, however – if it rains, the times might get switched around.

Image source: Be Well @ Cal