You got SERVED.

Accountability.” “Values we share.”

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Oh, CalSERVE.  Do, go on …

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Get it? Running? As in, for office? OK, sorry. Moving on. We, the people of the Daily Clog of America, have a very important announcement to make. Ahem. (Cue “Hail to the Chief.“)

For the sake of what we like to call “nagging repetitiveness,” we’d like to remind you that in a couple of weeks you will (hopefully) make some of the more important decisions you, as a citizen can make, when you vote. Now, we understand that by this point your ears might spontaneously start bleeding at the very sound of the “v” word, but fortunately for you, the Clog is mostly text-based. So read on, faithful reader, and do your civic duty. read more »

After the ASUC Judicial Council certified the election results and the Senate meeting announced names, the winners should now be official (though minutes are not up yet). No one dropped, no one was disqualified. What a snoozer!

Need a refresher on the preliminary results? Ho-hum. Back to your work, kiddos.

ASUC Judicial Council Certifies Preliminary Elections Results [Daily Cal]
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obamaThey both think Obama is the man. Hammering another nail into Hillary’s coffin, Berkeley professor Robert Reich posted an announcement formally endorsing Obama on his blog yesterday night.

Forty years of friendship and a stint as the Clintons’ secretary of labor isn’t something to sneeze at, and at first Reich was dead set against leaping into the endorsements fracas with a proclamation for either/or. But then Hillary went and made those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad videos targetting Obama after he slipped and said that Pennsylvanians are bitter and cling to guns last week. Reich took Hillary’s tactics to be

the nadir of mean-spirited, negative politics. And also of the politics of distraction, of gotcha politics. It’s the worst of all worlds. … It’s old politics at its worst — and old Republican politics, not even old Democratic politics. It’s just so deeply cynical.

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asucIn what turned out to be a not-so-close race, CalSERVE swept all four executive positions in the ASUC elections. Roxanne Winston won for president, Krystle Pasco is the new executive vice president, Dionne Jirachaikitti prevailed in the external affairs vice president race, and Carlo de la Cruz will serve as the academic affairs vice president come fall semester. But, lest we forget, there’s a bummed loser for every shining victor bedecked in laurel leaves and busty women. Student Action failed. The SUPERB referendum also failed. Sorry, guys. read more »

Today marks the first day of voting for the 2008 ASUC elections and the publication of the Daily Cal endorsements. To vote, go to or hit up any polling station on campus. Voting ends on Thursday, Apr. 10.

In the Daily Cal’s endorsements, the paper seemed to deliberately choose a split-ticket for the executive slate. Endorsements were considered based on individuals and voting records, not necessarily the parties they represent. And here they are:

* President: Curtis Lee, Student Action
* External Affairs Vice President: Dionne Jirachaikitti, CalSERVE
* Academic Affairs Vice President: Carlo de la Cruz, CalSERVE
* Executive Vice President: Chad Kunert, SQUELCH!
* Student Advocate: Matt DeMartini, Independent

* SUPERB Referendum: No

How does this stack up with other official endorsements? read more »


Elections kick off in a week! In keeping with our previous post, we’re bringing you the low-down on ASUC candidates.

This time, it’s the executive vice presidential hopefuls who get a good grillin’.

Details after the jump.

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asuc athonHence, the return of the hideous graphic font to the right. The Berkeley blogosphere is suddenly abuzz with the sound of ASUC elections campaigning, and the Clog’s almost ready to join the fun and get on the elections train for the rest of the semester. How will we ever keep up with this, Code Pink and Fresh all at once? We need more manpower. Hint, hint.

  • The first sign of elections season is the explosion of Student Action flyers. The California Patriot Blog has an interesting review about the relevance of Student Action’s “DONE” claims. Essentially, the flyers should probably read: DONE (Three Years Ago).
  • The executive slate announcements for each party are trickling in! Today’s Daily Cal announces the CalSERVE executive slate. An anti-CalSERVE blog, CalSUCK, was created surprisingly quickly, demonstrating how many of us bloggers are willing to abandon real life to cover the campaign.
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    The Elections Council ran the tabulation for the ASUC elections yesterday at 6:30 p.m. and released the preliminary results.

    According to the initial tabulation, the winners are:
    * President: Van Nguyen of CalSERVE
    * Executive Vice President: Taylor Allbright of CalSERVE
    * External Affairs Vice President: Danny Montes of CalSERVE
    * Academic Affairs Vice President: Curtis Lee of Student Action
    * Student Advocate: Ajay Krishnamurthy, independent

    For the senate, Student Action won 10 seats, CalSERVE won six, SQUELCH! won one and Berkeley College Republicans won one. Two independents also won seats, with Nadir Shams receiving the most votes. Winne Kuo of APPLE Engineering and Danielle Duong of CalSERVE were also a part of the top three for senate.

    Of the referenda and amendments, only the Green Initiative Fund and Line of Succession passed.

    The results are not final, however. The Judicial Council will verify the tabulation and hear censure cases before finalizing the results.

    The CalSERVE candidates and Krishnamurthy, unless tabulation went horribly wrong, have secured their spots. Curtis Lee, on the other hand, is currently facing eight potential censures. If he receives at least five, he will be disqualified. The candidate who earned the second-most votes would then take his place (if, of course, there’s no appeal).

    Shams is also facing a massive amount of potential censures–up to 20. Again, if he receives at least five he too will be disqualified.

    CalServe Shake-Up [Daily Cal]

    Today the Daily Cal released its endorsements after quite a long and exhausting elections forum held last week. Earlier, Beetle predicted the Daily Cal endorsements for the ASUC executive slate:

    I’m going to guess a CalSERVE sweep. Maybe Curtis Lee can pull one down for Student Action.

    And that’s exactly what happened. For the 2007 elections, the Daily Cal endorses
    * Van Nguyen of CalSERVE for President
    * Taylor Allbright of CalSERVE for EVP
    * Curtis Lee of Student Action for AAVP
    * Daniel Montes of CalSERVE for EAVP
    * Ajay Krishnamurthy (independent, but endorsed by both CalSERVE and Student Action) for Student Advocate

    And the referenda and amendments?

    Yes to
    * The Green Initiative Fund Referendum
    * Election Flexibility Constitutional Amendment
    * Line of Succession Amendment
    * Greek Life Amendment

    No to
    * The Student Union Complex Fee Referendum
    * The Heuristic Squelch Life Fee Referendum
    * Student Life Fee Referendum

    Total endorsed cost: $5.
    Finally seeing Sproul devoid of electioneering: priceless.

    Ah, yes [Beetle Beat]
    ASUC Executive Endorsements [Daily Cal]
    Referenda Endorsements [Daily Cal]
    Amendments Endorsements [Daily Cal]

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