Yesterday the Daily Cal exploded endorsements for the 2008 election, and when we say ‘sploded, we mean it. Below, we’ve transcribed the notable for the Berkeley Ballot, but the Web site has the full list, including all the arguments and justifications. Keep in mind that the Daily Cal also has a directory of voter resources and information on state propositions.

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The San Francisco Bay Guardian released its endorsements earlier this week, and there are no surprises for the biggie propositions or for the presidential candidate. Peruse the arguments on the SFBG site if you need some fodder for your absentee vote or just need something to tide you over until the Daily Cal tells you how to vote. Keep in mind that we are no way endorsing these endorsements … but you can use them as a springboard.

* Barack Obama (duh)

California Ballot Measures
* Proposition 1A (high speed rail bond): an exuberant Yes
* Proposition 2 (farm animal protection): Yes
* Proposition 3 (children’s hospital bonds): No
* Proposition 4 (parental notification and wait period for abortion): a resounding No
* Proposition 5 (treatment instead of jail): Yes
* Proposition 6 (prison spending): a loud No
* Proposition 7 (renewable-energy generation): No
* Proposition 8 (ban on same-sex marriage): an absolute No
* Proposition 9 (restrictions on parole): another strong No
* Proposition 10 (alternative-fuel vehicles bond): No
* Proposition 11 (redistricting commission): No
* Proposition 12 (veterans bond act): Yes

The SFBG folks also weighed in on East Bay goings-on and congressional races. Don’t forget that Oct. 20 is the last day to register to vote in the state of California, and you know, it might behoove you to register with your Berkeley address.

Image Source: Poppyseed Bandits under Creative Commons
Endorsements 2008 [SFBG]

Today marks the first day of voting for the 2008 ASUC elections and the publication of the Daily Cal endorsements. To vote, go to or hit up any polling station on campus. Voting ends on Thursday, Apr. 10.

In the Daily Cal’s endorsements, the paper seemed to deliberately choose a split-ticket for the executive slate. Endorsements were considered based on individuals and voting records, not necessarily the parties they represent. And here they are:

* President: Curtis Lee, Student Action
* External Affairs Vice President: Dionne Jirachaikitti, CalSERVE
* Academic Affairs Vice President: Carlo de la Cruz, CalSERVE
* Executive Vice President: Chad Kunert, SQUELCH!
* Student Advocate: Matt DeMartini, Independent

* SUPERB Referendum: No

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