hey shortySo, um, how ’bout that election yesterday? Who knew pools could be so controversial, eh? Some weather we’re having, huh? [Daily Cal]

Free money for being energy efficient? Can’t hurt to try … [Berkeleyside]

Politics aside, Berkeley is still the LEED-er of the green pack, apparently. Also, see if you can spot the Gorbachev mention! (Too soon?) [NewsCenter]

Summerfest is today on Memorial Glade. Go appreciate people. [Events Calendar]

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Heads up Chu fans! Your favorite Energy Secretary appeared last week on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The lovable former Lawrence Berkeley National Lab director presented Stewart with a gift, called him a nerd and remained coy about any superpowers of which he may or may not be possessed.

In addition, Chu (or his intern’s intern’s intern … whatever) has posted pictures of some cool new minature models to his Flickr, we’re assuming they have something to do with energy efficiency or something.

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Image Source: rebuildingdemocracy under Creative Commons
Steven Chu [The Daily Show]
Department of Energy’s Photostream [Flickr]

The Berkeley Community Theater hall was proverbially decked with ghosts (or, rather, descendants) of political activism past this Thursday when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was the keynote speaker at the Mario Savio Memorial Lecture, for which the late Berkeley great’s son was also in attendance.

Kennedy, an environmental activist who also happens to be a Kennedy, inspired students to ask not what the environment can do for them, but what they–and the government–can do for the environment. Incidentally, the Clog asks not whether that reference was funny, but how many times it has already been made. But we digress. read more »