If you peruse through YouTube as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed self-driving car test, which Google put out to the general public. At first glance, of course we all thought, “AUMG Google’s one step closer to dominating the world!” Indeed, one of the top rated comments right now is “Skynet now drives a Prius.”

All lulz aside, Ethan Elkind, a climate-change research fellow at Berkeley law, discusses how self-driving cars could actually be great for the environment. This makes sense as mechanically controlled speeds and turns could make an individual’s drive optimally efficient just as cruise control helps save gas on long boring drives. Plus, self-driving automobiles remove a lot of what causes car accidents: human error! Never mind the nearly impossible situations when human judgment trumps the mechanical … most of our crashes involve someone not making smart decisions. Like drinking and driving. Keep that soda in the cup holder while you’re driving!

Elkind goes on to mention that said Google car is a step towards this kind of technology. Just one of the few major concerns this technology entails is the insurance liability. Who’s fault is it when your self-driving car crashes? Yours? Google’s? Toyota’s/Ford’s/etc? Either way, this is a great pathway to new technological trends.

Could self-driving cars help the environment? [The Berkeley Blog]

2577889435_5cb79621f3The weather is lovely outside. Hmmmm. What should we do on this beautiful day? Lay out on Memorial Glade? Nah, too many frisbees – one may actually hit us this time! Get some CREAM? Nah, the line is so long it’s barely worth it. We’ve got it! Go on a bike ride through SF … without any clothes?

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No, this isn’t grass of the Prop. 19 sort, but rather a proposed feat of bioengineering wizardry that would siphon large amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide, offsetting fossil fuel emissions, and generally being good for the planet and stuff.

In recently published research, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Christer Jansson maintains that

“we need to explore the extent to which plants, and specifically genetically engineered plants, can reduce levels of atmospheric carbon.”

This is a departure from many existing plans read more »


So we’re among the greenest colleges in the nation. Big deal. Have you actually PLEDGED anything to your beloved Mother Earth recently? Come to think of it, when was the last time you saw a Disney movie?

Thankfully, there is a free screening of Disneynature’s new documentary “OCEANS” (yeah, it’s that important) to solve both of your problems. The screening is tonight April 21st in Wheeler auditorium from 8 to 9:30. It’s free to get in–all you have to do is take the pledge to save your oceans here and the ticket will be emailed or texted to you at your earliest convenience.

Your conscience will be clear, your pledge will be made, and you get to see a movie a day before it’s officially released. Plus, you might even get to see something crazy.

At the very least, though, your righteous greener-than-thou attitude will gain some real-world cred, just in time for your next rant about pollution to that guy who sits next to you in your Poli Sci class.

Image source: CLF under Creative Commons
OCEANS Movie Screening [UC Berkeley Events Calendar]

Earlier today, the Daily Cal’s editor-in-chief Bryan Thomas confirmed through email:

The Colbert Report has purchased rights to run one of our videos tonight, produced by our very own Tess Townsend.

The video in question is about Escape from Berkeley, a race from Berkeley to Las Vegas sans petroleum. If “The Colbert Report” shows the video tonight, we’ll try to update as soon as we can with the clip.

The show may or may not air our hot videographer skills, but at least they’re impressed enough to buy our video? Or they just find something to mock. Dun dun dun.

EDIT: Success! The full episode is up, and Escape from Berkeley hits the Sport Report at 11:40 in. Catch all two seconds of Daily Cal glory and lots of Berkeley jabs.

Escape from Berkeley [YouTube]
Relay Helps Fuel the Use Of Alternative Energy Forms [Daily Cal]
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Nevermind the voyeuristic angle of this video, it appears the TGIFers had a pre-election flash mob on campus. And although the referendum to increase campus green projects passed, this pulsating event certainly affected the environment and our memories in a lasting way. It was too good not to share.

The big spenders certainly know how to bring in the green: by taking it off! The dance classic “Call On Me” becomes a rallying cry for the TGIFers. So hott.