2577889435_5cb79621f3The weather is lovely outside. Hmmmm. What should we do on this beautiful day? Lay out on Memorial Glade? Nah, too many frisbees – one may actually hit us this time! Get some CREAM? Nah, the line is so long it’s barely worth it. We’ve got it! Go on a bike ride through SF … without any clothes?

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tree hugger

As per usual, we be toppin’ da lists. So we’re a kick ass university in a crime-infested area with an sizeable hipster population. We’re also one of the greenest, a Princeton Review ranking reports. And though we bring this news to you on this twentieth day of April, “green” here does not refer to pot (Oaksterdam, we humbly concede that to you) but to eco-sustainability, both in practice and student enthusiasm. read more »


Berkeley sure loves to think of itself as a trend setter. Few would deny: Berkeley is probably the most environmentally stylin’ kid in its (national) class.

In line with this, our campus has decided that old fashioned drinking fountains, the age old alternative to dizzyingly expensive bottled water, are so 2006. In the ’09, it’s all about hydration stations.

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Hey, it’s officially spring break! Go home, cast off your stress woven tethers and embrace your childhood environment with smug condescension.

You have all the right in the world to do so, assuming you value above all else environmental conscientiousness in the form of import vehicle consumption: Hip hip (hooray), Berkeley is hybird capital of California! Before you board your flight, suck in one last breath of our clean, guilt-free air.

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