208542805_6b307c7e5fSo “hilarious” might not be the best adjective to describe the previous and calamitous assault on our database’s defenses. Believe us, we’re still dreading that the purchase of some gargantuan fleet of yachts and an exotic petting zoo might appear on next month’s credit card bill. As for the latest trespass Mousehunt download , however, we can’t help but commend the culprits on an apparently risque sense of humor.

Online domains for multiple universities the world over were hacked to link to advertisements for such worldly goods as Viagra, medication for erectile dysfunction, and porn. Scandalous! And schools aren’t the sole victims; in the UK, government forums have fallen victims as well. Amusing though they may seem to we plebeians, such transgressions really do pose a major problem beyond making the targets look kind of ridiculous. As Branded 3 director of search Patrick Altoft put it: read more »