2931891121_af75cefc9cDrivers of alternatively-powered vehicles, start your engines. Registration is now open for this year’s “Escape From Berkeley (by any non-petroleum means necessary)”, a rally that will take contestants all the way to the US-Mexico border over the course of five days.

The race, hosted by Shipyard Labs, begins June 12, meaning we’re giving you a great deal of advance notice—but considering the grueling nature of the challenge, aspiring competitors will need all the time they can get. There are few rules governing the grand “Escape”; drivers are simply expected to somehow transport their vehicles from Berkeley to the border, beginning with a maximum 10kwh of any form of fuel—other than petroleum—and scavenging (no moolah allowed) for other sources along the way. read more »

Earlier today, the Daily Cal’s editor-in-chief Bryan Thomas confirmed through email:

The Colbert Report has purchased rights to run one of our videos tonight, produced by our very own Tess Townsend.

The video in question is about Escape from Berkeley, a race from Berkeley to Las Vegas sans petroleum. If “The Colbert Report” shows the video tonight, we’ll try to update as soon as we can with the clip.

The show may or may not air our hot videographer skills, but at least they’re impressed enough to buy our video? Or they just find something to mock. Dun dun dun.

EDIT: Success! The full episode is up, and Escape from Berkeley hits the Sport Report at 11:40 in. Catch all two seconds of Daily Cal glory and lots of Berkeley jabs.

Escape from Berkeley [YouTube]
Relay Helps Fuel the Use Of Alternative Energy Forms [Daily Cal]
Earlier: Environmentalists Escape From Berkeley

“What?” you ask, “Environmentalists escaping from Berkeley? That seems a bit paradoxical.” Well, the first-annual Escape from Berkeley relay which started this past Saturday challenges participants to get from Berkeley to Las Vegas by any means necessary, except with gasoline of course.

The vehicles (anything from car to tricycle to banana-mobile), departed from the Shipyard Labs in South Berkeley, and have until Monday to reach Vegas, weaving through Yosemite and Death Valley along the way. To help fuel the crusade for alternative energy sources (pun intended), competitors must scavenge for for any kind of liquid (we hear wood works too, actually) that will keep them moving.

“Crazy!” you say. “Why would people willingly put themselves through all this?” you ask. Well, not for the challenge or for environmental reasons, apparently. There’s five grand at stake, and we’d say that’s a good incentive to go green. Apparently of the six racers which set out Saturday, only four remained by the time they got to the first checkpoint. We just hope the other two racers weren’t stranded fuel-less somewhere in the desert …

Image Source: brentdanley under Creative Commons
Relay Helps Fuel the Use Of Alternative Energy Forms [Daily Cal]