Growing tired of looking at the same ol’ Lower Sproul? We are, too not really but we got some good news and some bad news.

Right, bad news first. According to the architects that finally got the green light to renovate a Lower Sproul built in the 1960s, the new Lower Sproul, filled with a bunch of new perks, will be expected to finish in summer 2015. Sorry, class of 2015, no new Lower Sproul for you (unless you’re going to be a super senior)!

The good news: the renovated Lower Sproul looks fantastic. Here are some cool additions to Lower Sproul we thought were worth mentioning.


Check out that glass! Makes looking at random strangers much easier. read more »

DSC00229Yes, this is a campus building crawl. Why would we do a building crawl, you ask? Because you, like us, are hopeless when it comes to following through on the promise you made to yourself at the beginning of the semester: finally exploring the campus and seeing all of the interesting goodies it has to offer … including its buildings.

Sure you’ve hung out with dinosaurs in the Valley Life Sciences Building or stood atop Wheeler Hall with some friends until dusk, but have you ever smoked a cigarette witnessed a heart-stopping sunset from one of the balconies in Eshleman Hall or had a nervous breakdown because you couldn’t find your way out of Dwinelle? Well, after reading this, read more »


We found this sign on the door of the stairs to basement in Eshleman Hall. It seems that someone saw it fit to change this sternly-worded reminder that the door is well positioned to smack anyone milling around the lobby into a bit of found poetry.

That’s what happens when you put all the literary types in the basement.

Image Source: Valerie Woolard

We kind of wanted to stay away from this one, since we don’t have all the details yet and we definitely don’t want to take sides. That being said, we just have to ask, “Why?” How can we expect anything to get solved in the “real world” if we, as college students, can’t even function civilly in a place where open discussion and non-violent interaction are supposed to be priorities? Aren’t we, like, hypothetical grown-ups? What is so funny about peace, love and understanding? Argh. So many questions …

The internet, naturally, is abuzz with speculation and finger-pointing on the matter. It’s a good thing you can’t get punched online. (And Superpoke doesn’t count.)

Image Source: crimfants under Creative Commons
Fight Erupts at Israel Liberation Week Concert [Daily Cal]
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Everyone loves the Open Computing Center. It’s got a public refrigerator, microwave, and toaster, clever decorative tastes, free web space, and a central, lower Sproul location. 250 pages of free printing a semester ain’t something that’s easy to turn down, either.

Unceremoniously evicted from their sweet Heller Lounge digs at the end of last semester, the OCF has had to pack their things and haul ass to the basement of Eshleman Hall. The computer lab was scheduled to open by the beginning of the semester. So what’s holding things up? read more »

With the ASUC elections just days away, we’ve got a mighty case of blue balls.

And its not just because we’re so anxious see what craziness erupts starting Wednesday. We’ve been saving our load for when a candidate takes on the most important issuing facing student government: gratuitous elevator usage in Eshleman Hall.

Specifically trips between the first and second floor—the location of the executive offices—irk us the most. Unnecessary and a waste of energy, it reflects a cavalier attitude on the part of ASUC officials and their associates.

More importantly, it inconveniences us when traveling to and from the Daily Cal offices on the sixth floor.

We’re not the first people to point this out and Eshleman isn’t the only place on campus where this happens. Hell, there’s even a Facebook group.