Peet’s Coffee may call Berkeley home, but we gladly shell out for a cup of Blue Bottle’s joe. Blue Bottle Coffee Company is all about freshness, starting with organic beans and ending with a super fresh roast. The creme de la creme of restaurants and eateries across the Bay Area serve only Blue Bottle, because it’s just that good.

We’re only familiar with the Retrofit roast, which is mild with a slight caramel taste, but most of the roasts are robust and pack quite the caffeine punch. Espresso drinks pulled from Blue Bottle beans need no sugar or extra flavoring, and even a black cup of coffee delivers all the sweetness you need. In life after Blue Bottle, you realize that you don’t need to add any mocha or whipped cream or caramel to a good drink.

Location: Tuesday (espresso) and Saturday (coffee) Berkeley Farmers’ Markets
Price: $2 to $4, depending on what you order
Notes: There’s even a list of BB-friendly restaurants and eateries.

Image Source: letouj under Creative Commons
Blue Bottle Coffee Company [Web site]
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If only it was finals season–perhaps then we’d have a proper reason to down unhealthy amounts of caffeine this weekend. From Mar. 28-31, the Gaia Arts Center will host the 2008 Western Regional Barista Competition to see which California or Hawaii pros can brew the most outstanding cup o’ joe under massive pressure. And if you didn’t catch the hint–yes, there will be free coffee and espresso, compliments of regional roasters who want to show off their skills.

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