What have I done!?

What have I done!?

We’ve all done it. Streamed endless amounts of television until our minds are pleasant puddles of mush, putting off the inevitable grade-determining work that defines college. “I’ll get it done,” we all chant to make ourselves feel better. But when we actually get down to it, it’s like the world has crashed down on our shoulders. How did all that work suddenly multiply?!

Here’s some advice on making it through that last minute writing assignment without pounding your head on your laptop in frustration: read more »

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting story written by an anonymous custom-essay writer. He was paid to write essays for college students who for one reason or another couldn’t or didn’t want to complete their assignments. He, of all people, brings up some critiques of university system, mostly that he feels it is too evaluation-based rather than actual learning-based.

Overworked UC Berkeley students might do well to learn some of his amazing speed-writing skills, demonstrated in his ability to write a 75-page paper in a mere 48 hours.

In any case, he may not have all the answers to fix things, nor does he necessarily have the full picture of the students he was assisting, not really taking into account the difficulties that professors might have had proving that the students were cheating, along with the probably mistaken assumption that he would find out if any of them ever got caught, but the piece is an interesting read nonetheless.

Image Source: Stian Eikeland under Creative Commons
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