When the need for romance burns through the cloak of night and into the great outdoors, it may not be a bad idea to remove yourself from society by going up to the Berkeley fire trails.

Imagine, you are at the beginning of the trail off of Centennial Drive and you need loving. But where? The winding path has no few visible off shoots, and the few thin quick and slope. People on the facing hills probably can see you. All the trees around you do not provide enough cover for woopie. Maybe it’s because some are Eucalyptus trees which throw down oily leaves like someone with four aces, preventing many other types of vegetation from read more »

Lately, we find it hard to take the tree people seriously, when their 300-ish day stint at Memorial Stadium has clearly distracted them from the greater principle of saving trees.

Maybe the tree people aren’t acting on such a principle, but it would certainly seem that way. See the banner in the picture? It says “Love Trees.” (Speaking of the picture, a tangential observation: since when were non-natural plastic office chairs appropriate Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-The-Trees Zone seating?)

Tree people, where were you when this one happened? Oh, right.

Sure, for fire safety reasons the university can cut down 23,000 eucalyptus trees with no intention of replanting, but on principle the university shouldn’t be able to cut down 26 trees they plan to replace?

We find it hard to believe the tree people missed this one. Surely, they must have ignored it because 26 oak trees are far more valuable an asset to Berkeley’s landscape than 23,000 silly old eucalyptus trees in the hills. Or maybe it’s just harder to cut the tops off. Perhaps it’s because the oaks are native or something, which obviously makes them superior. Does the same go for humans, tree people?

It just seems a bit incongruous to advocate saving trees when the platforms the tree people have built are mostly made of wood, they’re expanding those platforms in light of recent court orders to vacate and elsewhere, about 800 times the number of trees are being chopped without replacement by the university to hardly a peep of protest that has anything to do with saving trees.

Come on.

Image Source: Jessica Kuo, Daily Cal
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