2120305012_aa4c6e551fFrom flying buttresses to fine teas to mandatory nap-time regimes for all ages, it’s no secret that Europeans are better at life than us. Just ask that sorority girl who always manages to sit in front of you during your Women’s Studies seminar who, as you and anyone within a 20-yard vicinity are all-too aware by now, spent her spring semester nibbling crudités with Gérard Depardieu in the south of France.

San Franciscans seem to agree, at least in the realm of cycling.

Reps from the Municipal Transportation Commission, BART, and the ever-omnipotent SF Municipal Transportation Authority sat down yesterday with a gaggle of bicycling advocates, using European urban planning tactics to blueprint improvements for bike commuters.

In other words, a convention of Bay Area fixie-snobs wishing they lived in Amsterdam.

Three years in the making, the initiative includes read more »