Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Someone pooped UC Berkeley’s party. So much for celebrating Darwin’s contributions to science. [Drudge Retort]

* National security much? Computers from Los Alamos National Laboratoy walk off. [Daily Cal]

* Quote of the week: “I honestly don’t know if he’s a crazy or a professor.” [UCB LJ]

* Starcraft + DeCal + YouTube = entertainment for anyone who’s bored or high. [YouTube]

Image Source: Anna Vignet, Daily Cal
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You talkin' to me? It’s that time of year again. No, not that time of year. Did we say anything about goatskins? If anything, you should whip out your fake beard and pet beagle, because, baby, it’s Darwin Day. And this ain’t just any ol’ Darwin Day. That bird-watching, foundations-of-science-shaking son of a finch, Chuck, is–as of today–officially two centuries old. We know, right? Dude doesn’t look a day over 185!

The Clog would be willing to bet that at least part of his youthful vigor is restored every year at his super happenin’ birthday celebrations. So what does the fair empirical research-worshiping Berkeley campus have in store for this particularly momentous occasion? Let’s have a look, then! read more »

A couple who felt a UC Berkeley site on the relationship between evolutionary theory and religion violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment had their case thrown out by a federal appeals court. Oh snap! Score one for science.

It seems the controversial statements were read more »

We at the Clog are curious as to what is to become of prospective UC students of Christian high schools. A California federal judge gave the University of California his nearly-divine blessings in their decision to reject some Christian science and history classes. It’s little wonder, though, with textbooks titled “United States History for Christian School” and “Biology: God’s Living Creation.” Note to self: The next time you publish a Christian high school textbook, title it something more like “Adam and Eve: Papa and Mama Neanderthals.”

Image Source: abcdz2000 under Creative Commons

Court: University of California can reject Christian school classes [USA Today]