Ahem, ahem. Excuse us, please. The Clog would like to take this opportunity jump on the considerable congratulatory bandwagon for Oliver Williamson, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus, who just won a Nobel Prize for Economics: Congratulations, Professor Williamson! You’ve done us proud. Because we know pleasing the Clog was totally your aim all along.

Now that that’s out of the way, read more »

emptyWe know this information is probably new to all of you–but we hear tell there’s going to be some sort of walkout tomorrow. Now, if you didn’t know about it, we can’t blame you, because it hasn’t gotten much coverage. Okay, maybe that was sarcasm. Maybe all of the things we linked to about it have been published in the past 48 hours and there are about 78,498,320 more.

In any case, expect to encounter a lot of picket lines and rallies if you’re planning on being anywhere in the vicinity of campus tomorrow. If you’re thinking of participating, and aren’t just doing it as an excuse to stay home and sleep all day, we at the Clog have put together this guide to help you keep straight the teach-ins, walk-outs and teach-outs. read more »