emblem 2

One thing they don’t tell us before we get here is not to step on the emblems. The nice, shiny gold ones on the west side of memorial glade. They tell us how to use resources, how to pick our classes and how to chant stuff that no one remembers — but they don’t tell us how not to fail out through a misplaced Irish jig.

It would be a useful thing to mention. Some people jog over it — that replaces one of their papers with a cut and pasted Wikipedia article about fingernails. Some people bike over it — their bike will then become depressed and require expensive counseling. And don’t even ask what happens if you roller blade over it. Fortunately for roller-bladers, it’s no longer the ’90s. read more »

Stanford Fail

Now, now, kids, it isn’t polite to poke fun at our incompetent adversaries brethren across the Bay. Especially when their failures come at the expense of many thousands of unsuspecting people.

According to The New York Times, the private records of 20,000 emergency room patients at Stanford Hospital were posted on a commercial website where they remained for almost a year (almost a year? Holy sh-) before being discovered last month. While the records did not contain Social Security numbers, birth dates or credit card numbers, they did contain “names, diagnosis codes, account numbers, admission and discharge dates, and billing charges for patients.”

And you thought we were calling them incompetent just to be mean.

Much of the blame, however, is being passed on (what a surprise) to read more »

cutsSometimes, not being first is a good thing. Data on the Huffington Post places the UC system tenth on the list of 13 public colleges that had tuition raises this year.

Lucky number one is the University of Iowa which will see a system wide 5 percent increase, with engineering students facing 20 percent increases and nursing students a mountainous 40 percent. With our 8 percent, we’re not looking too shabby.

Coming in last is Connecticut with a significantly smaller 2.5 percent which was approved by the board of trustees earlier this year. Let’s hope we’re not moving on up next year.

Image Source: nullalux under Creative Commons
The Largest Tuition Increases In Public Colleges [Huffington Post]

Well this is comforting. It’s so nice to hear that whatever challenges the world throws this university’s way, the ASUC will still manage to render many of the things they do invalid by “forgetting” to appoint people on time and otherwise quibbling about stuff no one cares about. It’s almost as if literally nothing has changed over the past year. How delightful. read more »


I'm ba-aack.

And now, for our latest installment of “Things Caused by the Sucky Economy that Suck,” we present to you “A Bunch of Things that BART Officials are Thinking of Doing to Lose Less Money and Consequently Make BART Suck a Little More than it Already Does”: read more »