The “Mad Men” DeCal here at Berkeley has been getting some attention recently — in fact, last night’s class was attended by three reporters: one from the San Francisco Chronicle, one from the Oakland Tribune, and one from (you guessed it!) your very own Daily Clog.

A quick disclosure before we start: One of the DeCal’s facilitators, Katie Dowd, works for the Daily Californian.

OK, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The class itself is a diverse group, full of people who love TV (they were talking about “Dexter” for at least five minutes before the class began) and in varying states of formal dress. There was one gentleman actually wearing a kind of Don Draper-esque business outfit, but it was unclear if this was a tribute.

The SF Chronicle reporter and the Tribune reporter sat next to each other and talked and laughed. We at the Clog felt read more »