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As you are all either relaxing or cramming through Dead Week, keep in mind that Friday, May 5 is Free Comic Book Day! Fantastic Comics and The Escapist in the Berkeley area, as well as other Comic Book shops throughout the Bay will be offering a selection of free comic books to whomever comes to their stores. It’s a great way to sample some new series for yourself or, if you are a new fan,  introduce yourself to the world of comic books. The official website for Free Comic Book Day has a section titled “Get Into Comics” that serves as an excellent introductory resource for the new reader.

Before the onslaught of finals begins, check into a local comic book shop and see what it has to offer.

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As you may have read on the Clog, Fantastic Comics held a book signing yesterday for the first issue of “Danger Club” written by Landry Q Walker and illustrated by Eric Jones. Of course, come Saturday afternoon, we at the Clog took a visit to Fantastic Comics and came away with the prize:


Check out those sweet autographs

Walker and Jones were very friendly and showed us a sneak peak (which we unfortunately couldn’t take photos of) of two pages that will be in the second issue, releasing in May. As we left Fantastic Comics with an autographed copy of “Danger Club” in our hands, we knew we had to read it. read more »


Random assortment of pretty covers!

For the comic book fans out there, Fantastic Comics will be hosting a book signing for the first issue of  “Danger Club”, a new title from Image Comics today at 5 p.m. In the world of “Danger Club”, the powerful and established superheroes left earth to battle a dangerous and evil force. However, the superheroes do not return, leaving their young apprentices to take control.  As you would expect from young, adolescent children, bitter inner conflict and violence ensue.  This interesting take on the superhero genre, which one review compares to Willam Golding’s “Lord of the Flies,” is written by Landry Q. Walker and illustrated by Eric Jones who both worked previously on titles such as “Batman: the Brave and the Bold” and “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in 8th Grade.” If you’re curious, Image Comics has some preview pages up on their website.

It’s always fun to meet authors and artists in the flesh, so take up this opportunity while you have free time during the weekend. And of course, get their autograph (and give them to us).

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Reading is fun!

Reading is fun!

Every one of us has a hobby or interest that we love to nerd over and shower with our time and money (the little we have of it, at least). It could be a love for reading, in which nothing is better than being surrounded by a bevy of novels to dig through, or a love of music in which an album collection can number in the hundreds. Whatever the case, Berkeley is fortunate to have a myriad of stores and passionate sub-communities that seem to cater to every nerdy obsession we could possibly have. For music and movies there’re Rasputin’s or Amoeba Music. For books, there are Mrs. Dalloway’s, Moe’s Books, Pegasus Books, Half-Price Books and many others. For games ranging from the tabletop variety to PC/console games, there’s Eudemonia and Games of Berkeley.  Really, exploring Berkeley reveals many cool shops that could easily be missed.

One store that recently caught our eye is Fantastic Comics which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to comic books. Replacing the now dead Comic Relief, Fantastic Comics offers an excellent selection of newly released comic books, graphic novels and a small, but respectable variety of Japanese manga. Of course, once we discovered the store, we had to explore the shelves and came up with a small list of recommendations. Although our recommendations may seem to vary wildly in terms of genre, art-style and popularity, one thing they all have in common is that they are quality reads (obviously). And isn’t that the most important thing? In any case, let’s begin our list:

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comicJust in case we haven’t belabored the topic enough, here’s another post related to Comic Relief. Dedicated Clog readers will know that shortly after Comic Relief closed, a new store featuring its inventory opened.

Now Uel Carter, a former employee of Comic Relief, will open a new store in its former space. Fantastic Comics, named after a publication of one of Carter’s partners, will open on May 1. Carter said you can view the two stores that emerged from the demise of Comic Relief as two children, and he happened to get the house.

Just think of Comic Relief’s closing like parents getting divorced. It’s sad at first, but then you realize — double the presents!

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Comic Relief spawns a second comics book store [Berkeleyside]