veryfashionableAlthough UC Berkeley was ranked the “Greenest School in the World” (according to a study conducted by the University of Indonesia) only eight months ago, we were dumbfounded to find out that we were left off of the Daily Beasts’ top 25 “Greenest Schools” in America list.

However, all hard feelings (including our continued dismay at Cal’s absence in the “Most Radical Schools” list by the Huffington Post — don’t think we forgot, Huff!) have been forgiven (temporarily) after reading the spectacular news that our institution has been ranked ninth in Her Campus’ “Most Fashionable Colleges” List.

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Everyone loves a good fashion show–the lights, the music, the clothes. Of course, being in Berkeley for the majority of the year kinda limits the number of events we’re privy to. (It’s not like Bryant Park is up a block and around the corner.)

Lucky for us, then, Cal’s fashion club FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) is almost ready for their semesterly show. That’s right, ladies and gents! Don your most avant garde outfits and absurdly oversized sunglasses and scurry over to Pauley Ballroom this Sunday (April 25) at 8 pm.

The show will feature the creations of 17 designers, all of whom have been inspired by old Hollywood glamour. Oh la la! Last spring, FAST’s show housed an audience of roughly 500, so they recommend getting your tickets ASAP (plus, if you buy pre-sale, tickets are only $10, as opposed to $12 at the door). Just to sweeten the deal a bit more, a portion of the show’s proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross’ Haiti relief efforts. And to think, some people say that fashionistas are shallow and, like, totally self-absorbed!

Image Source: maddsmadds under Creative Commons
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