Today was the first day of November’s Regents’ meeting, and let us tell you, they’ve got all sorts of fun events planned.

There are some protests even today, but as Berkeleyside shrewdly noted, they were a little sleepy, at least on campus. On the agenda today is the always-stimulating Committee on Grounds and Buildings. Just kidding. That sounds pretty boring. So boring, in fact, that we’re not even going to look up what they’re doing. They could be voting to steamroller all of UC Berkeley’s campus and we’d never know. Yudof, take note.

The first of the big events will take place tomorrow, read more »


Check your email, folks, ’cause UC president Mark Yudof just sent you a message. Actually, technically Chancellor Birgeneau sent you an email with a link to Yudof’s letter, but you know what we mean.

Yudof is proposing some changes for UCs. It’s unclear whether any or all of these will be implemented, but they will directly affect all of us, so pay attention.

First, Yudof proposes that employees of the UC continue to put more money into their own retirement plans without any reduction in benefits. Along with this, he proposes that employees hired after July 1, 2013 “will be offered a read more »


For all of you on some kind of financial aid (and given the 32 percent fee increase hullaballoo, we’re guessing that’s most people) we here at the Clog would like to post a friendly reminder.

FAFSA is due MARCH 2. This applies to returning undergrads as well as prospective freshies, so everyone should be on the alert.

Don’t groan about it, either. This year it’s supposed to be easier due to a mysterious thing called “skip logic,” in which the computer decides which questions are irrelevant based on questions you’ve already answered.

And while that sounds like just the kind of subtle robot takeover Sam Waterston warned us about, we have to be grateful that this financial sucker is a little easier to deal with.

Now be good boys and girls and fill your FAFSA out early. Post-FAFSA bliss is just around the corner.

Image source: Ingorrr under Creative Commons
Key student financial aid deadline March 2 [San Francisco Chronicle]


If you’re reading this, you’re probably already enrolled at UCB (or Berserkley, if you prefer). And what with finals approaching and astronomical fees looming, you might be a little bummed about it.

Well, as it turns out, there is a silver lining to every cloud. Because since you’re here, that means you don’t have to apply for college again, and you got to miss a huge mess. read more »


The three-day marathon strike/walkout/protest/slumber party/something has begun. The Clog will be bringing you more coverage later in the day, but for now check out the Daily Cal’s liveblog of the events, along with coverage of the Regents meeting at UCLA. We’ll be posting updates to our twitter as well.

Image Source: slimmer_jimmer under Creative Commons