Over the last few weeks, that lovable bunch of nuts living in the trees near Memorial Stadium has been everywhere! Well, everywhere in the media, that is. Physically, they’ve mostly been behind that fence.

Moving on, the Clog presents a round-up of the stories about the tree denizens. It’s one-stop shopping, but for smelly hippies.

* New York Times: University Fences In a Berkeley Protest, and a New One Arises.

The article shouts out to a Daily Cal editorial:

bq. Soon after, the editorial board at The Daily Californian, the independent student newspaper, called the fence a public relations disaster and suggested that it might “encourage martyrdom.

Also, the Clog itself spotted Mr. Zachary RunningWolf himself reading his copy of the Times to his fellow tree-huggers.

* AOL Sports: Wonderful Treetards Allowed to Remain in Precious, Irreplacable Old Forest.

The story isn’t much, but the headline was too good to pass up.

* Hindustan Times: A Chipko Movement In California.

Seriously? Confidential to India: Thanks for noticing us, but we have no idea what you’re talking about.

* The Brown Daily Herald: Protesters in trees seek to block stadium expansion at UC Berkeley.

Must have been a slow day at the Ivies.

* US News and World Report: Falling Excrement Prompts Court Order for Tree-Sitters.

We always thought the tree-people might be full of shit.

* RealClearPolitics: Football and the Soul of Berkeley.

More overblown, half-baked pseudo-philosophy than a Scott Lucas column in the Daily Cal. And that’s hard to do. We should know.

* Mother Jones: Protesters in Berkeley:Up a Tree and Fenced In.

Mother Jones still exists? We thought it was as dead as Eugene Debs.

* Berkeley Daily Planet: The Myth of Cooperation.

You may think it’s local coverage at first glance, but the Daily Planet usually lives in a different world than the rest of us.

Everyone’s favorite Treewok Village has a new addition: a chain-link fence the university ordered erected during the wee hours of this Wednesday morning.We were still asleep, and we’re sure the Save the Oaks people were, too, until construction crews started pounding in the fence posts. And we’d be pretty cranky, too, if someone woke us up that early and we hadn’t showered in nine months.As if the rubberneckers didn’t do enough to showcase the zoo animal performance art piece, the fence better defines what can only be described by us snarky individuals as the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees Zone. The zone is also free of supplies like, say, food, but as the Daily Cal reports, Zachary Running Wolf proposes a hunger strike, which seems like a pretty convenient solution to the supply-free problem.But the ever-so-timely construction (typical; it only took them a year) could prove to be more ominous, given that fences historically just delay the inevitable “peaceful” confrontation.Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily CalBREAKING: POLICE ERECT FENCE AROUND UC BERKELEY TREE-SIT PROTEST [Daily Cal]