Does anyone even remember the laserdisc format? VHS forever!

It’s been another year and we return to that familiar season where it’s acceptable to be fascinated by the darker side of life. Stores around Berkeley are stocking their shelves with cheap paint, wigs, skulls and teeth that will be the building blocks to the perfect Halloween costume and the UA Berkeley 7 on Shattuck is screening the obligatory Paranormal Activity 4. Like last year, we at the Clog want to spread the Halloween festivities by compiling a list of horror movies that will be promising last-minute additions to the mandatory horror film marathon. Here are our recommendations below:

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We all remember that time in our childhoods when we stayed up watching classic, English-dubbed anime movies (on VHS!) from Studio Ghibli, such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989) and “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988) … and to our parent’s irritation, usually over and over again for weeks on end.

Years later, of course, we connected the dots and learned that one of our favorite films in particular, “Spirited Away” (2001), was in fact something of an elaborate metaphor and social commentary on the child brothels of Japan, but that’s another story. Actually, we’ve created an extensively detailed infographic to illustrate how we think you should feel about this, in case you’re interested.

In any case, we still love a good dose of nostalgia. We’re very excited to remind all of our fellow Studio Ghibli movie fans that the Berkeley California Theatre’s Ghibli marathon has been extended another week! The theater will continue these one-time reruns of classic Ghibli films only until the first week of October, so take advantage of the pre-midterm lull while you still can.

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Pretend to be cool by holding this

Pretend to be cool by holding this

If it weren’t already pretty obvious, you should know that creating a film is hard. Even some of the greatest filmmakers we know today had to start from the most modest of beginnings. Thankfully, the Gender Equity Resources Center is reaching out to Cal’s film community, particularly to aspiring female filmmakers who have the burden of breaking into a male-dominated industry, by sponsoring a workshop that will teach students the basic steps of film production. The workshop will take place read more »

We all know Cal can build a big-ass telescope, discover radioactive elements and lead a rockin’ protest – but can Berkeley make you laugh, cry and sit at the edge of your seat? That very question was answered Friday at the annual Campus MovieFest for the low price of $3 and a homework-free Friday night.

Campus MovieFest calls itself the “The World’s Largest Student Film Festival” and allows students from over 90 schools the opportunity to make their own short films. Students are given equipment  (Mac laptops and Panasonic HD camcorders) and one week to write, direct, film and edit their own original film. Last night, read more »


Ah, Akira Kurosawa. No, we don’t know anything about him, but did our sigh (tinged with just the right amount of worldliness) convince you otherwise? Good. We’re doing our job. And we’re also helping you do yours by telling you that Wednesday July 7 at 7 at the BAM/PFA there will be a screening of Kurosawa’s “Sanshiro Sugata” parts I and II.

Together the two movies are 163 minutes, which surprises us, frankly. We thought all old classics had to be at least three hours long to be taken seriously (kind of like college finals). But apparently Kurosawa has this sense of “economy” about him. If that means cut to the read more »