We all remember that time in our childhoods when we stayed up watching classic, English-dubbed anime movies (on VHS!) from Studio Ghibli, such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989) and “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988) … and to our parent’s irritation, usually over and over again for weeks on end.

Years later, of course, we connected the dots and learned that one of our favorite films in particular, “Spirited Away” (2001), was in fact something of an elaborate metaphor and social commentary on the child brothels of Japan, but that’s another story. Actually, we’ve created an extensively detailed infographic to illustrate how we think you should feel about this, in case you’re interested.

In any case, we still love a good dose of nostalgia. We’re very excited to remind all of our fellow Studio Ghibli movie fans that the Berkeley California Theatre’s Ghibli marathon has been extended another week! The theater will continue these one-time reruns of classic Ghibli films only until the first week of October, so take advantage of the pre-midterm lull while you still can.

Here are the new showtimes: read more »

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Thursday night the Pacific Film Archive showed a collection of student films entitled “Fleshed Out.” We weren’t sure what to expect from the title until we walked in a few minutes late and we were faced with a 15-foot vagina on the screen. The first film was a disturbing montage of medical consultations … let’s just say there was lots of body hair and penetration.

The second one was about a mock researcher named Sarah Gray who was investigating the “Ego Monster,” a naked bird-like creature with a bulbous stomach that called itself “Fraat” and squawked something about coming from L.A. and being a photographer. We assumed it was some kind of criticism of SoCal Frat boys, but then the film just ended. We found out it was originally part of an instillation for an art class … alright, that makes sense. read more »

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While the good folks over at SUPERB! are busy updating their site with this semester’s Wheeler film series, the Clog has the list of what to expect:

2/5 Where the Wild Things Are (7, 9)
2/26 Fantastic Mr. Fox (7, 8:50)
3/5 Up in the Air (7, 9:10)
4/9 Sherlock Holmes (7, 9:30)
4/23 Avatar (7, 10)

Remember, films are usually in Wheeler Auditorium and cost $3 with student ID ($5 otherwise).

Image Source: Andres Rueda under Creative Commons

This guy went to Berkeley!

Say what you will about SUPERB!’s usual lineup of movies, this semester’s looks stronger than past ones.

Unfortunately, the schedule is already under way but you can still catch a few good ones. All films are $3 with Cal ID and $5 for general admission, with the exception of “Star Trek,” which can go for $1 if you wear a super special awesome homecoming T-shirt! Yay! And they’re all at Wheeler Auditorium.

As of this posting, here they are in chronological order: read more »

San Francisco International Film Festival is well under way, but you can still grab some tickets before the fest closes on May 7. Plus, ticket prices aren’t all that expensive considering that, well, ticket prices at your local AMC are already close to $10. Below, we’ve listed some films and events of note, so you might as well enjoy a good flick before finals set in.

Friday, May 1
* Film: “Rudo y Cursi,” 4 p.m., Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, $12.50/general. Stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna of “Y Tu Mama Tambien” fame.

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