What going to Cal can feel like.

What going to Cal can feel like.

Sometimes we get a little psycho during stressful times in college. We find ourselves doing crazy things like staying up all night studying, or waking up with our heads on our desks. While that regretted crick in your neck will even itself out eventually, you might want to take a closer look at yourself if your bad study habits have forced you to trade your ID lanyard for a neck brace.

Here are ten signs that getting that perfect GPA might be more trouble than it’s worth:

1. The milk in your fridge isn’t for cereal, it’s coffee creamer. (Breakfast? What’s that?)

2. Actually, scratch that – Red Bull: Breakfast of champions.

3. Someone tells you your mascara is running. Turns out they’re talking about the permanent dark circles under your eyes.

4. You’ve re-read three textbooks to pass your history class, and still get a B.

5. You consider dropping out because of that B.

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Damn, it would have been real pathetic to see Doe and Moffitt libraries empty during the wee morning hours of finals week – no procrastinators, amphetamine jockeys or Berkeley students studious enough to earn those sterile depths the reverence they deserve. Rocked by this awful thought, some generous parents came through where the state of California could not, throwing down hella bank to keep those caverns (and the Free Speech Movement Cafe) open when they’re needed most. Clutch, Mr. & Mrs. Steiny. read more »

Somehow, someway, we got our hands on more Stacks-streaking footage. But that’s the kind of hard-hitting journalism you expect from us, right? This clip is worth viewing just for the naked leaper at the 15-second mark. Not since the first Olympics has an unclothed dude gotten air like that. Michael Jordan’s imaginary exhibitionist alter ego would be so damn proud.

FYI, These videos are NSFW. That means there are naked people. As if the headline didn’t clue you in.Last night, students streaked through the library. It happens every semester during finals time, but flapping johnsons never cease to amaze the library denizens.

As the streakers ran past, we caught a whiff of B.O., but that might have been the library in general, seeing as some people don’t even bother to shower during finals.

Nonetheless, Berkeley has some pretty nice butts. (Even if they haven’t been washed.)

Next semester, we suggest that AnonCon participants streak together instead of picnic or meet up over coffee. Hey, if you’re going to bare your soul on the Internet, you might as well bare your butt too.

You can find a shorter clip under the Clog’s YouTube account.