nemoBefore you ask what a drug drop box is, think about it, because it’s exactly what it sounds like. A drug drop box is well … a box where people drop off drugs, but why exactly did Berkeley officials decide to create said drop box at the city’s refuse station?

We’ve all seen the movies where ex-druggies choosing to be reborn decide to flush their stash down the toilet. What we don’t think about is where those drugs go after the initial flush. According to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District, these drugs are being flushed into the bay where they are consumed by fish. Yes, our poor fish are experiencing things they never thought they would. read more »


If you see a blue check sticker on the seafood you buy, you are helping fish not go extinct and take humankind down with it.

See the MSC check label? You can eat that fillet guilt-free.

If you have meal points (or a friend who has meal points to mooch off of), you may have noticed that Wednesday was a special day for Cal Dining. All four dining halls — Crossroads, Unit 3, Foothill and Clark Kerr — had a “MSC Seafood Extravaganza” in celebration of Cal Dining’s MSC certification.

What is MSC certification, you may ask? The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global, non-profit and independent organization that aims to stop overfishing and promote sustainable fishing practices. The council offers a certification program in which fisheries are assessed by two independent certification bodies who judge according to three “Principles for Sustainable Fishing.” They are: read more »

Fish marketCal Dining doesn’t exactly provide the same glorious experience of Chez Panisse, but they’re not so bad. Cal Dining at UC Berkeley is the first public university dining program in the country to be awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification for its dedication to sustainable seafood.

What is sustainable seafood exactly? Sustainable seafood must be caught while still keeping the fish stocks and their surrounding environment relatively stable. Students will be able to learn about this through labels on the menus, plus there will be posters and ads.

Taking its environmental impact rather seriously, Cal Dining was also the first dining program to earn organic certification. The salad bars at all four dining halls are organic, so as long as you manage to resist the rather high amounts artery-clogging foods (Late Night), you should be able to maintain a relatively healthy diet.

Image Source: quinet under Creative Commons
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