For those who felt as though Sunday, Feb. 14, was better spent without a box of half-eaten chocolates and sappy romantic comedies, San Francisco offered a therapeutic alternative. Armed with pillows and maybe a bit of pent up emotion, fun-loving locals arrived at the Embarcadero, ready for the fight to commence. At the strike of midnight 6pm, the crowds wasted no time in rushing towards each other as the feathers began to fly.

San Francisco is hardly the only city where these flash-mob gatherings have occurred. Boston, London, Paris, Stockholm, and dozens more have all hosted similarly massive pillow fights. The Bay Area bash, however, tried to keep the environment in mind by requesting that all participants use pillows filled only with natural materials (no synthetics, please) in case some rogue feathers made their way to the water. Because nothing brings down a Valentine’s pillow fight like … pollution.

Image Source: Laughing Squid under Creative Commons


Cal Day may not be till mid-April but it’s never too soon to start mobilizing a mob. Or maybe that’s just our “inner Berkeley” speaking. Ever since the epic ImprovEverywhere stunt at Grand Central Station, people have been freezing across the globe. Apparently, MORE magazine even had one for the release of its Michelle Obama cover. read more »



Many of our best memories in SF involve things being pelted at us by strangers, but the flash “mob” tradition may be fading away like the bruises we received from being pummeled by pillows (and the occasional couch cushion) this past V-Day.

San Francisco has a history of zombie invasions, urban iditerods and other forms of spontaneous randomness, but after a feathery sludge was left behind after this year’s pillow brawl—clogging drains, flooding a restaurant, and causing over $30,000 in damages—city officials say that it’s time for mobbers to start taking responsibility for their own down. read more »

Today, a flash mob froze on Upper Sproul Plaza as the Campanile struck 1 p.m. The freeze is reminiscent of the impressive mob at Grand Central Station a couple months back in New York.

Check out the clip above, which is far more interesting than the pictures posted on the Facebook group (um, you do realize that you’re already “frozen” in a photo, right?). While we at the Clog encourage flash mob participation and creativity, we’ve got to say that standing still for a few minutes–even if you’ve struck, like, the coolest pose ever–is still slightly less boring than just walking through Sproul. C’mon, where are our ninja battles?

First Person View of Sproul Freeze [YouTube]
Sproul Freeze Interest Check [Facebook]

Nevermind the voyeuristic angle of this video, it appears the TGIFers had a pre-election flash mob on campus. And although the referendum to increase campus green projects passed, this pulsating event certainly affected the environment and our memories in a lasting way. It was too good not to share.

The big spenders certainly know how to bring in the green: by taking it off! The dance classic “Call On Me” becomes a rallying cry for the TGIFers. So hott.