shorts11-235x300To start off our slew of rather unfortunate news, panelists at a symposium in UC Berkeley’s Alumni House talked turkey vis-à-vis California’s future high-speed rail—and their timbre was less than optimistic. [Innovations]

There is, according to one Berkeley economist, a five percent chance that the U.S. will experience a “depression-causing shock.” We’d be interested to see the breakdown in his math. [Seattle Times]

Want to know the alleged (and disturbing) connection between flu shots, mercury and autism? Enlighten yourself at a Nov. 21 symposium at the UC Berkeley Art Museum Theater. Oh, except it’s 60 bucks. So maybe just Google Dr. Andy Wakefield. [PRLog]

And, in conclusion, a pithy affirmation of all your chronic concerns. []

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It’s gettin’ cold, yo. It’s that puddle-jumping, pea coat-wearing, fireside chat-hosting time of year. A time when we soup lovers spend autumnal afternoons searching for our soupmate: that special someone whose taste in soup is so remarkably similar to ours that when we find them, we’ll never have to eat chili alone again.

On the flip side, if you or anyone you share a bread bowl with comes down with a case of the sniffles, we advise a visit the Tang Center for a flu shot:

Fall Seasonal Flu Shot Schedule:
Wednesday, Oct. 21
Monday, Oct. 26
Thursday, Nov. 5
Monday, Nov. 16
Wednesdsay, Dec. 2

All from 12-6 p.m. at the Tang Center, located at 2222 Bancroft Way, Education Center, on the 1st floor.

For students on the SHIP insurance plan, the shot costs a measly $5—$6 for thimerisol-free. If you waived out of SHIP, a regular vaccine will set you back $25, or $30 for thimerisol-free. Walk-ins welcome for those affiliated with the campus, as well as community members college-age and above.

Image Source: samantha celera under Creative Commons
Tang Center News/Calendar [site]

Despite what the Tang Center says, most of you don’t need a flu shot–but it might be a good idea. On Thursday, Nov. 13 and Monday, Dec. 1, the Tang will administer flu shots for all, starting at $5 for students with SHIP. (Regular price is $25, $30 for thimerisol-free.)

A flu shot would be a good idea for you dorm dwellers, co-opers in large houses and those who have generally sucky immune systems. Interested yet? Shots happen from noon to 6 p.m. in the Class of ’42 room on the first floor. No appointment necessary.

Image Source: IamSAM. under Creative Commons
Flu Shots Clinics — Fall 2008 [UHS]