You got SERVED.

Accountability.” “Values we share.”

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Oh, CalSERVE.  Do, go on …

(Crappy) Image Source: Jill Cowan
Earlier: Student Action Flyers: Did Nothing (DONE)

As the Men’s Octet began singing, this flyer was handed to us by someone trying to make an (ironically humorous) statement … we think. In the process of hating on Sather Gate, the protesters blocked access to the gate itself. Nice.

To note: the Wingdings message is gibberish, so don’t bother. Also, the Website doesn’t exist either. And is the misspelling of “their” intentional?


Student Action always gets their flyers up before anyone else, and we’ve realized that for three years now we’ve cared enough to blog about it. Who’s the bigger loser? (Please don’t answer that.)

Above, we’ve captured a selection of flyers from Wheeler and Dwinelle halls, but we’re sure there must be read more »

When we posted about Dwinelle Hall’s cryptic “Who is Barazani?” flyers earlier, and compared their presumed subject to Eddie Haskell and made other sundry sassy comments, we were actually kind of jumping the snarky gun. OK, really jumping the snarky gun.

It turns out that “Barazani” was referring to Moshe Barazani, who, from the looks of things, is considered a Zionist martyr. (Thanks, Googler.) Whoops. According to Gabe Weiner of the Israel Peace Initiative, the flyers were posted to generate interest in Israel Liberation Week, which, incidentally, started today.

Anyway, we certainly didn’t mean to disrespect anyone’s revered heroes by likening them to a scheming young brown-noser. Our apologies for that one. In our defense, though, we were right about at least one thing. When we walked into Dwinelle today, lo and behold, all was revealed on another set of flyers.

Israel Liberation Week [Zionist Freedom Alliance]

It’s remarkable that any of us can even distinguish different flyers anymore, but we’re taking notice. We spotted some suspicious flyers (looking vaguely familiar, we might add) this morning around the edges of the campus.

The flyers, with the well-known “DONE” slogan, brought up some very interesting claims that certain other flyers seemed to forget. Each flyer bore the title “Uncovering the Truth: One Action at a Time” and listed various actions that a certain party “accomplished.”

Oh, all right. We’ll stop beating around the bush. Student Action.The flyers are taking a big ol’ dump on SA.

We snapped these lovelies with our camera phone, bitches. How’s that for quality, eh?

Click to make ‘em bigger (though rubbing will work too).

The Cal Patriot Blog also reports of more smearing, and this time it’s physical. Somebody had a grudge. SA’s beautiful chalkings had to die, leaving only smears of their existence. Hold on, a moment of silence.

Hey, at least that means they’re not using hairspray anymore!

One commenter noted that he

also saw CalSERVE chalking defaced so it is not just hatred of SA.

We’re curious. Help us out on this one: is it vandalism to deface vandalism?

So we’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. No, we’re not going to go around erasing chalk (though we would take sadistic pleasure in doing so). Rather, we’ve got our own flyers.

We’re not running for anything, but we’re a party in and of ourselves. Raise the roof? It’s already been DONE, son.

They SAck! [Beetle Beat]
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me [Cal Patriot Blog]

It’s not even Spring Break yet and those Student Action peeps are already raring and ready to start a campaign bonanza. Please, spare us from the horror of ASUC election time. Can’t we just wait until April and pretend we’re normal people?

No? Shit.

They’re painting the town a nice cerulean and maize with their flyers, hitting up telephone poles, Wheeler, Dwinelle and Sproul Plaza. That’s pretty much everywhere (at least for humanities majors). And how many CalSERVE flyers have we seen? Two total. One was perhaps slightly covered by a Student Action. All right. DONE.

Oh, those SA folks are busy, busy bees. Look at all that they’ve done:

(Click the pic to see SA in all its glory.)

Funny, they seem to have forgotten all about last summer’s accomplishment. Chalkgate 2006: a beautiful rendition of hairspray, off Broadway. Well DONE, team.

Student Action [Official Site]