100761143_226e540b49Oh, ’tis a beautiful bubble of surreality in which we live, this quaint little locus for conservative derision. How sweet the instance in which we inspire actual fear; what better means to disseminate the seeds of anarchic malcontent than through the tender minds of our children?

Truly this is the terror gripping the moral majority by the seat of their pants in the wake of a most scandalous exposition: children thinking for themselves! Eighth grade students at our very own Black Pine Circle School have forever left their mark in the form of mosaic tiles depicting, among other deeply horrifying subjects, the Communist hammer and sickle and an epitaph declaring, “Capitalism will fail.”

Lord have mercy. And by that we mean rock on. Fox News, naturally, kind of lost its sh*t and went off about “blatant proof of political indoctrination of young children”–because of course no forward-thinking thirteen year old could possibly be attracted to liberal ideals of their own volition. Brainwashing abounds in Berkeley, friends; it’s a sorry state indeed.

Image Source: oddsock under Creative Commons
‘Capitalism Will Fail,’ Marijuana Leaf Part of California School Mosaic [FoxNews]


I only dream of you, my beeeeeaaaauuuuutiful.

Q: What’s better than two dogs humping? A: How about many dogs humping, sniffing each other and relieving themselves? But seriously, that’s what one artist depicted with a couple of bronze medallions on a sculpture near Interstate Highway 80.

To be fair, the portion in question barely spans a length worth mentioning—a few inches, compared with the 28 feet the rest of the statue takes up.

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Well, you can’t say that Code Pink doesn’t bring the lulz. Far from toning down the crazy in the face of nationally syndicated television coverage, studiously wacky Code Pinkers told reporters from FOXNews.com yesterday that they were hosting a “witches, crone and sirens” day in protest of the war, complete with pointy hats, magical spells and cauldrons of purty flowers.

Our favorite part is the detail about the pro-troops group, Move Forward America, which brought packets of salt and spread them around the recruitment center to, get this, keep their precious Marines safe from the spells. Lunacy is contagious. Didn’t you know? In the meantime, FOX News has trained a 24/7 webcam on the recruitment center storefront, laboring under the delusion, no doubt, that they’ll be able to score some damning evidence of Satanic rituals on tape if they wait long enough.

Image Source: moonrising under Creative Commons
Spells Cast at Anti-Marine Rally in California [FOXNews]