Maybe we’re jumping the gun a bit on the summer status (although not if this weather has anything to say about it); but if you’re like us — i.e. poor — you’ll need plenty of time to financially strategize vis-a-vis all these shows.

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panda bear

On Monday, Sept. 6 of the year 2010 Panda Bear will be performing in Oakland’s Fox Theater only 4.7 miles away! Questionably dubbed by some as the voice of our generation, Panda Bear is perhaps better recognized as the founding member of the band Animal Collective. According to Noah Lennox (no his real name is not Panda Bear), his solo stuff is a lot like Animal collective just less sculpted out and simpler.

If you’re into Brian Wilson-like vocals suffused with experimental/dub/pop music, heck even if you’re not but wanna try out something new, tickets are only $25 for an undoubtedly fun night.

Image Source: sam? under Creative Commons
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When recession settles, fun things fall into two camps: luxuries and necessary luxuries. Concerts, of course, could qualify for either, depending on the awesomeness of the concert. So, for your strictly discerning eyes The Clog has assembled a list of all the potentially kick-ass shows that will be going down in the East Bay and SF throughout the semester. Deep breath, here we go: read more »