Among the tabs for CNN, NBC, the deplorably slow Google election results, and the FOX News you had open just for kicks, you may not have had time for social networking on election night. Who are you kidding – you probably popped open Tumblr for the continuing influx of memes or Twitter for Donald Trump’s call for a march on Washington. But the most interesting soiial network every time there’s a major news event is Facebook, because it’s people that you – hopefully – personally know talking about things about which they know little to nothing about. If your friends are anything like ours, they provided for plenty of unintentional comedy with their cute status updates that spammed the newsfeed.

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Apparently FOX News’ Glenn Beck doesn’t have much faith in the “liberal future of America.” To promote his new book “Arguing with Idiots,” he sent Steven Crowder to do a Jaywalking-type interview with Berkeley students to show that the “university is not only incapable of protecting [its students] from idiocy but may atually encourage it.” read more »