Frats are, whether you like it or not, a part of any college’s history. Just ask Berkeley anthropologist Laurie Wilkie, who wrote an entire book about the Zeta Psis, a Berkeley fraternity since 1870.

Wilkie wrote the book largely focusing on questions of masculinity in the early 20th century (specifically the 1920′s). And before your imagination runs wild, we’ll say that these frat boys aren’t exactly the ones you see yelling boisterously on street corners. These are men who “occasionally cross-dressed, drank beer from steins and pilsner glasses, and, ultimately, went on to prestigious, high-powered careers.”

OK, that sounds pretty similar, actually. But let’s move on to the business side of things, because these Zetes were read more »

According to the Associated Press, 35 frats might get taken to court for “underage drinking, harassment, assaults and noise ordinance violations.”

Also among the list of demands is the installation of a “live-in adult supervisor.” Can you imagine that conversation?

“So none of us like being woken up at 3 a.m. by those damn college kids, but one of us is gonna have to live with them. Who wants to spend most of their day with the people we managed to majorly piss off?”

We’re sure that’ll go well.

Image Source: Chicago Man under Creative Commons
Berkeley residents target rowdiness at frat houses [AP] via Mercury News

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 We just completed the last full week of classes, and now we only have Monday and Tuesday left before finals creep upon us. Even the Daily Cal is winding down for summer, publishing only on Monday and Thursday.But Berkeley students aren’t ready to wind down just yet. They just need you to shut the fuck up already. Stop having parties and stop having fun. At least that’s what the LJ peeps are saying:bq. I live by a bunch of frats and it has been loud since 5pm. “BRO CHUG CHUG CHUG OHHH PUKE PUKE PUKE!!”In general, UC Berkeley’s just not a happy place right now. We have some issues, mainly with our neighboors and roomates. We understand–having an awful roomie is some sort of sadistic rite of passage in your college years. Or some shit like that. Or like this:bq. I would like to issue some form of a “fuck you, pay me” to my retarded, degenerate, peasant of a roommate. This is a chick who never brushes her teeth/ showers once a week/ has not vacummed/ and has the most disgusting, nasally voice I have ever heard. On top of all of this, she makes racist comments. Today, she had the audacity to call our room “China mountain” or something of the sort, after I heated my lunch in the microwave. She claimed to others that it “smelled to high heaven.”Fellow students offered condolences, some commiserated and one in paticular was upset about the use of “retarded.” Maybe we just all need a little love?That would explain why the post about relationships garnered 69 comments. Heh heh. You get it? The number of the comments? It’s…it’s…All right, we’ll shut the fuck up.UC Berkeley Community [LiveJournal]Earlier: What’s on the Mind of Berkeley: ASUC Politics As Usual